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"We are inspired by simplicity.  We have a desire to help others organize their space and to create beautiful settings to sell their home.  We want to help our clients transform where they live and work into something that is both functional and appealing.  We believe in the 4 R’s: Repurpose, Rearrange, Recover, and Replace.  Simply Organized and Staged is here to help clients organize their space, sell their home, and most importantly to teach how to keep their place functional and beautiful. "


-Shannon Kempter



Staged to Sell
Staged to Live
Organized to Live
Organized to Work

What our clients say about us

Shannon has an amazing talent! You will NOT be disappointed! Whether you are looking to declutter and get organized or prepping to sell your home, Shannon can assist with both! I am very impressed how she kept my personal style in mind when choosing items to stage my home since we still have a few months before we are ready to list. My place still feels like my place, just elevated, stylish and crisp. I now have the tools to apply to other rooms in my home! Thank you so much!!

-Christy N.

Shannon organized the craft room in our house. It was not only functional but was also very creative. She also did a great job creating a very organized game closet in our house!!

-Andrew M.

Shannon did a terrific job organizing the unfinished space in my basement! I dreaded entering that room and was happy to have it behind a closed door. We had just accumulated so much stuff over the years and organizing the basement was always on the To Do List, but the task seemed daunting, so I kept procrastinating. When Shannon came over, she helped me to finally go through my belongings, assess what was really needed, and part ways with the rest. The entire space is now clear of junk and everything has its place on a shelf! We then went ahead and moved furniture and decluttered the finished room in the basement. Thanks to Shannon’s work, we’re now using the finished basement space more, and whenever I have to retrieve or pack something in the storage area, I breathe a sigh of relief seeing such an open, clean space! By the way, not only do the results look great, but Shannon is super sweet and easy to work with!

-Kristen G.

Shannon came in and totally revamped my home office. She was able to find things around my house to use for the overhaul so it cost me almost nothing to transform the room. She turned a cluttered, somewhat messy space into an organized haven where I now enjoy spending time. Thank you Simply Organized and Staged!!

-Heather M.